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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Over and under, plus Necks Out for Adventure

The "Over or Under" game was news to me when Lylah mentioned it on our flight to Denver a few weeks back. Maybe there are more official rules somewhere, but the way we played was by taking turns lobbing things at each other, deciding whether they were overrated or underrated, and defending the argument. I wrote most of them down on the sketch page, as you can see above. I won't bore you with all our answers, but in the "Overrated" column we agreed on hot fudge sundaes, tea, crayons and Lady Gaga. We decided that birthdays, Justin Timberlake, required classes and "Grey's Anatomy" are underrated. (Important note: Many of these things and people have huge followings and we're still calling them underrated because we deemed them unworthy of the even larger wave of criticism they have inspired.)


Speaking of travel, Candlewick Press  published NECKS OUT FOR ADVENTURE, a picture book by author/illustrator Timothy Basil Ering. A young bivalve named Edwin, who lives in the unpredictable sea, is separated from family and community after a big stinky foot descends madly on their space. Edwin must stick his neck out to forge ahead. Ering has much fun with his word play (wiggleskins and scrintleberry leaves are part of the story) and his wild, kind of messy, acrylic and ink paintings. There's lots of delicious texture and visual complication on each page. Readers will think twice before they plop their smelly old feet down thoughtlessly on the bed of the ocean.


valorie grace hallinan said...

What a great game, can't wait to play!

Ted Diadiun said...

Interesting exercise.

I'm almost afraid to ask where "baseball" fell. Keep in mind that our friendship hangs in the balance.

And, "boobs" is a horrifying term that doesn't even rise to the level of being considered over or under rated. Breasts, on the other hand ... :)

Karen Sandstrom said...

Baseball is underrated, I am learning.