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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Colorado sketchbook

My view from the coffee shop patio at Devil's Thumb Ranch.

--> We spent last week (June 19-26) being Colorado tourists in the Fraser/Winter Park area. My mountain brother and his family showed us the best parts of where they live, and we did a bit of exploring on our own, too. One day we took a drive up to Devil's Thumb, a luxurious dude ranch where visitors can hike and do zipline runs and ride horses and bike. We ate lunch and petted a fine and friendly gray horse (a mare, I think). The sun was warm and the air was perfectly cool, and it was one of those rare days when just to sit outside and do nothing is to use your life well.


Speaking of Colorado and my mountain brother, I finished the book he gave me, Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf. (You know him from Plainsong.) This one scans a familiar landscape: Holt, Colorado, and gives us a pair of aging friends who embrace each other as a hedge against loneliness. They begin by sleeping together — literally just sharing the night and stories in the dark. A visiting grandson complicates matters, in a good way at first. But Addie's and Louis's simplest desires  refuse to remain simple when her adult son objects on the grounds of impropriety. This complication isn't completely believable, but I guess Haruf decided he needed plot. I was content just to go along and spend time with this couple and their companionability and the the stories they told each other, the simple meals they ate together. Those are the elements that spoke to me like the best poetry.

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valorie grace hallinan said...

I loved that book too and agree the plot seemed forced. Would have liked it just the way you said. I do like Haruf's writing, sorry he isn't here to write more books.