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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy Birthday, You Old Recluse

Today is the anniversary of J.D. Salinger's birth in 1919.  I don't have his birthday committed to memory, and he is, admittedly, far from my favorite writer. (I've read TCITR twice, mostly without love.) But my excellent Barnes & Noble literary desk calendar alerted me to J.D.'s birthday, so I researched him a bit and decided that his nice, sensitive face would be fun to draw.

Salinger's rejection of attention became as well known as "The Catcher in the Rye," which is pretty darned well known.  People came to disdain him for his disdain of everyone else. Folks never appreciate a hermit.

I have a feeling he wasn't a bad guy. He was, after all, at one point considering becoming a special education teacher. That's a telling detail.

But sensitivity can make people behave strangely, and to be misunderstood. This is a good lesson to remember. 

Anyway, should you like to read more about Salinger (his father was a kosher cheesemonger), you can start here.

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