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Sunday, December 07, 2014

You Get What You Need

In thinking about life and abundance recently, I realized something startling: Everything I ever wanted -- anything that was ever deeply meaningful to me -- has come my way over the course of my life. It didn't always come in the form I'd hoped for. I didn't get the blond kid I was sure I loved in 7th grade.

Nonetheless, the love arrived. Bushels of it.

There's a famous spiritual guru I like who speaks about the wrongheadedness of how we're taught to pray. Many people treat prayer as if it were a vending machine -- stopping by whenever they want something. Prayer is for asking, yes, he says, but it's really the language we use to communicate with the ongoing part of ourselves that's connected to The Big Out There. (My words, not his.)

This is true, but ... well, the vending machine has treated me well, too. My favorite story of this may be a repeat, but it goes like this. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my first child when one day I said aloud to my friend Julie, "I just can't take this anymore." Meaning, being pregnant.

I was so over it.

A few hours later, Katy was born, and I knew -- KNEW -- that I'd been heard. This has happened time and again.

That's all I have to say tonight. I'm a believer. I'm not always sure what's there, but something is -- or someone. And they are listening with love.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I'm Sorry, Were You Saying Something?

--> Here is a question for you: How is your attention span? 
Pixels have shrunk my concentration to the size of a rude little pinhole. I have read enough (in my reading days, before I felt the need to force myself to shut down my smart phone) to understand the general brain mechanics of all this instant media gratification. 

But to understand it is not necessarily to grab hold of it. Sometimes, too often, I m rudely inattentive to the living beings around me because I cannot stop looking at my virtual world, waiting for the next thought to arrive over the transom, having been thunk by someone else. 

Purposeful slowing down helps.
Reading a books helps.
So does walking outside and leaving the phone inside.  It all takes me back to when I was kid, long before I ever thought to worry that one day something would come over me and try to hijack my brain.