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Saturday, November 29, 2014

How to Live with a Dog

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You will never find anyone more good-hearted than a dog person. Among these, you’ll also find the most well-meaning, unsolicited-advice-giving people on the planet.  And they have RULES – such rules!  I used to think the fastest way to rain hellfire on oneself was to admit formula-feeding one’s infant. Now I know it’s to confess to the “wrong” kind of dog training philosophy on Facebook. (Truth: Cesar Milan can divide a room of dog lovers like nobody's biz.)

With that said, I offer my advice about living with dogs.

A dog comes into your world with certain habits and proclivities, and over time begins to shape himself to his environment. He learns the vibe of household, and starts to notice routines. He trains you a bit. But you do most of the training by discovering what flavors of happiness persuade him to your idea of his most civilized best. You also find out what kind of discipline allows him to hear “no” so he can feel certainty about your rules.

The relationship gradually mellows like a nice red wine set out to breathe. But no one’s perfect. So you love each other. You overlook each other’s faults. (The dog has the bigger job there, you know.) Play and be joyful with your dog. Be ethical and kind in regard to your beast, and also be the grownup. 

Things will be just fine.  Or better.

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Karen Blados said...

Sweet and wonderful advice.