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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Farm Animals and a Great Quote

Above are the farm animals. What a nice day I had.

Here's the quote, which has nothing to do with my day, except I read the quote today. But I just loved it so much I had to memorialize it here:

From James Parker, writing in the New York Times Book Review:
"From my fellow bakers, those yeasty intellectuals, I learned about industry and cohesion and the moral obligation to be cheerful. The last lesson was the most important, and extended out of the bakery and into life. If you’re depressed, maimed, crocked in some way, fair enough — let us know. But if not, then in the name of humanity stop moaning. Keep a lightness about you, a readiness. Preserve the digestions of your co-workers; spare them your mutterings and vibings. It’s highly nonliterary, but there we are: Be nice."

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Pj Bennett said...

Wonderful quote! I'm passing this along tonight to my yoga class.