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Thursday, July 31, 2014


The modern world moves faster than I'm inclined to move. This is probably true for a lot of us, though not everyone. I see these people racking up lines and lines of tasks on their to-do list, writing them down, scuttling about, crossing them out, unable to sit still, unable to calm themselves if they're not actively pushing the boulder up the hill. And I admire them, even if I've only ever been able to approximate their energy.

The difference now, as I've gotten a little more, uh, seasoned, is that I no longer think my reptilian pace is necessarily wrong, or that the hamster wheel of constant activity is necessarily ideal. Deadlines are good, but so is breathing room.

The humble little sketchbook drawing here was something I worked on it bits over a few days as I did my best to put in my drawing time around some fair-to-middlin-sized life stress. There's something good about letting some air in between the work. It isn't a great drawing, but there are things that developed that I like -- things that wouldn't have happened if I'd tried to wrap it all up in one sitting, as I usually do.

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Valorie Grace Hallinan said...

I like a slower pace, too, now that I am more "seasoned." Like the picture! FYI, to me it's challenging trying to leave a comment on your blog.