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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tomorrow's post today

Here's a little peek at tomorrow's #happyfriday #dailydrawing.

It's a compositional nod to a particular illustration by Leonard Filgate, originator of the "Rip Squeak" character, a print of which (above) I happen to own. The image was the art used for the poster of the L.A. Times book festival years back, and a framed version hung in the ladies room at Joseph-Beth Booksellers for a handful of years. I loved it. I love it still.

But that's another story.

Tonight when I was preparing my Happy Friday image, and didn't quite know what Alonzo felt like doing, I stared up at Rip Squeak and thought: Hmmmmn.

And there you go.

1 comment:

honey said...

your hmmmmms are our pleasures!