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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Not in this picture: The couple I eavesdropped on while I was drawing this spread at the coffee shopt at Barnes & Noble today.

They sat over my left shoulder, huddled in intimate conversation. He seemed to be trying to explain some kind of longstanding failure. She sounded guardedly receptive. Theirs was a relationship that had clearly spanned time and bumps in the road. At one point he said, "I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again." Then there was lots of talk about money he'd be getting from an inheritance.

On and on it went. Eventually, someone pass their table. Hellos all around. The conversation switched on a dime from intimate to the sort of talk people do when they run into each other -- asking about aging parents and friends in common. A series of bad Jewish jokes ensued, told from what seemed to be the inside. (I hope so, anyway.)

After a time, the three walked out together. I wondered if the couple had said everything that needed to be said, or if the acquaintance had thrown them totally off track. I wondered whether the guy would ever get the money he said was coming to him, or if that had been a card he was playing with the hope of seeming more viable.

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