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Friday, April 18, 2014

Week's End

Every Friday, when I'm feeling kind of good that I have some unclaimed hours ahead, I also think about what it means to have spent another five days of my life. Hopefully, I've accomplished something -- nudged the ball forward a bit, done something decent and good and perhaps been kind in some way. But weekends are definitely a double-edged sword, I think. Yes, we made it to the end of the work week, but we also edged further along the great finite calendar. Hmmmn.

Then I go back to feeling like Alonzo and the #substitutebunnies here. Ahh, freedom.
Happy weekend.

1 comment:

Laura Z said...

DELIGHTFUL - that's what visiting your blog is for me! That's all. Happy Easter
(PS I met you through Julie, you know the lass, the one in London = ) Oh and I am acquainted with Erin O'Brien (Nowjack) through her's a small world, but really your blog is light giving....