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Saturday, February 08, 2014

What the daily practice means

What the daily practice means is every day.

What it means is even if it's 20 minutes, we find the 20 minutes because everyone has 20 minutes.

It means that sometimes 20 minutes will expand into two or three blissful hours. Finding the 20 minutes makes this possible.

It means that 20 minutes might get curtailed and become only 8 minutes, but that's OK, because 8 minutes for something we know is important to us is better than zero minutes. And having found 8 minutes today, there's much less chance that we will let tomorrow go by without finding any time at all.

Finding no time in the day becomes a habit of deception.

The daily practice also means we start doing our thing in our heads even when we aren't doing them physically. This is a secret known by accomplished people -- people who apply discipline to their work. Doing our thing in our heads means when we get our 20 minutes or our two hours or just a mere 8 minutes, there's a possibility that they will be more fruitful minutes.

Does it sound like I am lecturing to you? I'm not. I lecture only myself. I'm the one who needs it.

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