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Friday, February 07, 2014


One week, two dogs.

On Sunday, there was Tuna, of heart-melting fame.

And now there is Finn. Unlike Tuna, I haven't had the pleasure of an up-close-in-person greeting (did I mention that I got to kiss Tuna on the head?), but I have now spent many long minutes (hours, even) studying Finn's essence a la in photos. Here's the feeling I got: immense good cheer. Also, this is a beautiful, beautiful creature. (And beauty is hard to draw, because if you exaggerate too much you lose the beauty. Which is like losing the essence.)

Anyway, there you go. I did line work last night, which I didn't want to share, because it was incomplete. That explains yesterday's meager #dailydrawing post. Tonight I did the digital painting. Hope you like it, and I hope Finn's mom likes it, too.

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