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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Consider my heart melted

I got a text from Molly late Saturday night: Tuna Melts My Heart was going to be at the Beachwood Petco the next day. Wouldn't THAT make a nice #dailydrawing, Molly thought. Not to mention a memorable experience unto itself.

I've met a number of celebrities, and ... well, I'm kind of over it. They're usually disappointing. But Tuna is different because he's a dog. Dogs don't really know how to be disappointing. And because Tuna is a California dog, in town for only a brief visit, the opportunity was too much to resist.

By the time I got to the store, the line to meet the little man was long and getting longer. I felt a little uneasy and stalkerish, but I got in line between a beagle mix and her people and in front of a dachshund named Jagger and his people. I watched while Petco shoppers selected dog clothes. A few unsuspecting customers gave the line bewildered glances.

Just before my moment arrived, the young teen in front of me, upon meeting Tuna, burst into quiet tears. That was pretty much the sweetest thing I've seen in a couple weeks.

And then I got a few minutes to say hello to Tuna and his person, Courtney. Together, they create some of the best posts on the interwebs. Tuna was remarkably calm and cheerful -- especially when Courtney gave him little walk breaks around the store and he got to meet other dogs. What a little champ.

Of course, then I forced Courtney to to look at a picture of Roscoe. Who himself melts my heart on a daily basis.


honey said...

i didn't know about tuna, but i surely love roscoe too. now, i am going to look into tuna!

Linda said...

Great art for Tuna!