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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Most Food-Motivated Dog You've Ever Met

The story I didn't tell you about the day I sketched this sandwich: Roscoe was watching.

Roscoe was watching with the intensity of a Major League batter waiting for the ball to come over the plate in the bottom of the ninth. And he was begging. He wanted to hop up on the kitchen table, which, unfortunately, would not have been a first.

But I said, firmly, "No."

After a respectable amount of time had passed, and my attention had fully returned to my terrible sandwich sketching, I was startled by a sharp "yap-yap-yap-grrrrr!" Roscoe stood at the door to the garage, barking like crazy. Barking like there was someone there, at that back door. Ears forward, body in guard-dog stance. So I went to the door to see who was there -- at which moment he dashed away, scrambled up on the kitchen table, grabbed my sandwich and tore off to his crate, where he a) keeps all things dear to him and b) goes when he has something really special to masticate.

Yes. He faked me out. There was, of course, no one at the door.

I charged after him, and we battled it out till he dropped what remained of the sandwich, and I grabbed it.

No, I did not eat it.

My only solace was that during his dash from the table, he had dropped a couple of choice slices of bacon.

But just to be clear: Yes. He faked me out.


Nin Andrews said...

Dogs are so much smarter than we give them credit for . . . LOVE THIS!

Karen Blados said...

I do not want my dog to meet your dog. They would talk, exchange ideas and strategies and both our households would be doomed.