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Saturday, January 25, 2014

I make this thing

I make this dish without a name. It's too simple to have a name. Consequently, when someone says, "What are we having for dinner tonight, Mom?" I say, "That pasta thing."

Boil some pasta. (Tonight it was angel hair -- not my fave.)
Meanwhile, melt a bunch of butter in a big pan. By "bunch" I mean, a stick or more.
Add some white wine of ill repute. Why? Because you don't want to waste good-reputation wine on cooking.
Add pine nuts -- a lot. Maybe a cup, but I don't measure. I just throw 'em in there.
Add garlic. A bunch, because there's no such thing as too much garlic. Anything less than three cloves is for sissies.
Add dried thyme because I said so. You could add salt, but I didn't, but salt brings out the flavors of things it cooks with, so you might want to add salt.
If you'd like, add some chopped up tomatoes or cherry tomatoes. I didn't tonight. Well, not much. I had one little tomato left, so I added that, but it was like not having any.

Wait till it all gets bubbly and the butter is all melty and the wine has become one with the butter.

Then add cooked, thawed shrimp just long enough to coat the shrimp with the sauce and warm it a bit.

Drain and rinse the pasta. Spoon it onto a plate. Pour a bunch of the sauce over the top and add grated parmesan if you like. (We do.)

People at your table will be required to like it because it has butter and wine and shrimp and garlic, so who can't love that? Oh, and of course draw while you cook, because who can't love that?


Clare Kolat said...

I love this. Is there any chance I could get a print of this? I would love it in my kitchen.

danimarinucci said...

I do that same pasta thing...are you sure you're not italian?

Karen Sandstrom said...

Clare - I would want to do a better version for you. Which I would be happy to do.

Dani - If my love for pasta is any indication, there must be some recessive Italian genes in me.

Karen Blados said...

I think it's a wonderful illustration as is, too! Especially the angel hair! And it sounds delicious, but I'm the only one around here who would probably go for it.