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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Your Terrible Correspondent

I used to be such a splendid little blogmistress, posting daily or every few days or at least weekly.
All I have for you by way of apologies is this alligator and a very short story.

When my children were young, my brother Eric told them he had an alligator living in his bathtub.
They believed him.
Part of them still does.
The end.

(Plot is like everything else; you get what you pay for.)

Coming soon, by the way, will be a blog on my favorite picture books of 2013.

Now go away and do something with yourself.


lane cooper said...

nice! :D

Anonymous said...

but there was an alligator in the tub. i swear.


You are worth the wait
I love your art and soul
Thank you