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Friday, December 27, 2013

God is in the details

My friends at In Design Inc. do beautiful interior and event design. Much to my glee, they've called on me a few times to infuse a project with a shot of sandstromvassen. It's always fun, because they give guidance then kind of say, "Do what you do."

What I did recently was create little cards (pretty much precisely like the one above) to identify the various dishes on the banquet at a solstice party.

And I must say, couldn't you just go for a pistachio macaron or two right about now?

But back to Chris, Bret and Juliana at In Design. Beyond being grateful for the work, I'm grateful for the lesson they impart when they pay someone to create illustrated menu cards for an event. It's that no-detail-goes-unconsidered quality that separates artists from the rest of the pack. They're like Martha, only much nicer, and with better dogs.

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danimarinucci said...

I love it - everything about it:)