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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

But It Works Like a Charm!

A few years ago, I sent our younger daughter, Lylah, out with my credit card and an idea of what she could buy her dad for Christmas. Our nice Rabbit corkscrew had recently bitten the dust. She could find a replacement at Williams Sonoma, I advised, and her father would love it.

She came back with an elaborate and very heavy box from Le Creuset. I believe it was lined with velveteen. It had this corkscrew in it, as well as a gizmo for removing the foil seal around the cork. The corkscrew itself is nothing to sneeze at; no arthritic old person could manage it. But once you have the hang of it, no corked bottle is safe.

It all seemed very elaborate, and it turns out that such fine machinery costs … $180. Lylah, of course, had no idea what a chi-chi corkscrew was supposed to cost (I had figured the Rabbit replacement would be about 50 bucks). But it was late, and the holiday was upon us, so we kept the corkscrew, and eventually we told Carlo just exactly how valuable the thing was. If we were going to own a $180 corkscrew, we were going to squeeze every bit of entertainment value from it.

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Clare Kolat said...

Haha! I remember hearing about this fiasco. I have seen it in action, and it is a pretty nice corkscrew contraption.