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Monday, September 02, 2013

The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday

The best thing I saw yesterday was a hawk landing on a low roof of a neighbor's house. This is unusual, especially since hawks tend to prefer tree limbs or even power lines. He/she didn't stir when I got as close as possible to catch a glimpse, so I repaired to the sidewalk after a respectable time.

But off in the park later in the day, I caught a glimpse of a snake emerging from the murky lagoon; a turtle playing chicken with a duck on a limb sticking out of the water; a squirrel carrying something really really big in its mouth, scampering through the woods; and a duck taking a really long bath. Sweet autumn flowering things emitted clouds of fragrance, there and gone before I could identify the source. A heron, it turns out, can stand in one place for many minutes on end, but eventually it wants to check out another part of water, so it arises on pterodactyl wings, then lands thigh-deep near the rushes. And of course in the woods, one looks for interesting trees, and one need not look long. The one on the left of the page above, with its swirling grain, had more character than some people I know.

A funny thing I heard: small boy whining at his mother, "You always make me come out here and look at nature!"

That is all now. May your day be full of fresh air.

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