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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Among friends

This weekend I was among other people -- many of them middle-aged women, but men as well -- who love children's books. It was the annual conference of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writer and Illustrators. I took a class with a picture-book writer who told of reading picture books aloud to her college-aged sons and their friends, and I thought, "Yes! These are my people." There were lengthy discussions about what makes good kid lit, and of course much of the the pointers are the same as would be given to anyone trying to write anything successfully, except perhaps lawyers and those writing artist statements for gallery walls. (Those are areas where obfuscation and murkiness seem to guide the aesthetic.)

Anyway, it was fun. And for you at home making lists of picture books, I give you Lisa Wheeler, who has written zillions of delightful titles and is a pretty good conference class leader, too.

By the way, I doodled my child and dog here in my note-taking notebook, then liked them enough to do them again in color in my watercolor book. I shouldn't have put the toe-licking action right there in the gutter of the sketchbook, but you get the idea.

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honey said...

i got the idea, and i still read aloud....:-)