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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Middle School

In case you were wondering, and thought you'd save me the embarrassment of being asked: Yes, I'm stiiillll working on "Thick Through the Middle." And speaking of "middle," I've been toiling with a part that has to do with the horror that is middle school, which led me to this image. I shall not EXPLAIN the image -- whatever sense you get from it is probably just right.

But it makes me wonder. What do other people remember from middle school? Rough days? Tender moments? Antics and jokes? Crushes and enemies? When people say "middle school" or "junior high," where does your head go?


honey said...

i moved in 8th grade from a happy junior high life into a situation that was the opposite of what i had left. we moved from a house to an apartment, and i loved my neighborhood.

so, being chubby and unhappy in the years when girls and can be insular and unkind was whatever your sketch implies!

Rosa said...

I remember being ugly and awkward a f**k in middle school. Ugh. I needed some guidance! Instead, I just put my head down and trudged my way through those years.

Other than that, I don't remember much....

buffalo said...

well, Havertown Jr High was my school, where I played clarinet in the band. I rode the trolley to school early for band practice. It was all good, except, of course, for my playing, which was just ok,..