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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Good Cheer, Inspiration and Comic-Con

Please take a gander at some work done by some of the fine artists who participated in my drawing-journal workshop today at Lake Erie Ink. The youngest participant was 3. The oldest was 19. Pardon the iPhone quick-snaps here. While the photo quality stinks, I think we can agree that the art itself is transportive.

Each student pulled an object from a box of stuff I brought. This one had a little statue of Nelson Mandela. The nose had broken during transport from South Africa. I like the way the artist had fun with that in the text.

This is one of my favorites. This young artist didn't even know how to begin drawing the weird little book light she got from the box of stuff to draw. But she eventually figured out how to finish it -- then wrote about it. She was a sweetie.

If you're drawing a dachshund, it should have a pointy snout. If you're drawing a dachshund salt shaker, it might have a flat nose where it meets up magnetically with the dachshund pepper shaker. Bravo to this artist for drawing what she saw, not what she thought should be there.

One carved wooden dolphin, many angles. This artist played with views and perspectives.

If only you could see the precious 6-year-old who did this. But I think you CAN see that he already has a sophisticated eye. (And, translating his message, he writes in the voice of the glasses: "I am giant. I go on people. My name is Sunny."

The artist who made this page let her imagination go. Her inspiration was an old troll doll with the fuzzy hair. She turned it into someone else entirely. Bravo for imagination!

All the young artists promised to keep drawing in their sketchbooks, and I believe they will because they were so enthusiastic during the workshop itself. So how 'bout you? Are you keeping up your sketchbook habits? Go get a pencil...


honey said...

i don't have a sketchbook, but i don't need one, because yours is such a pleasure. these kids are great!

sarah willis said...

They must have had so much fun with your prompts!