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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tell Me a Small Christmas Story

It's a well-known fact that the things we remember from events that are supposed to be Big Events are rarely the planned-for memories. When you look back on all the Christmases of your past, what populates the home-movie-screen behind your eyelids are small moments, no? Tell me your story. By the way, you can read some of my own small-but-big moments by clicking on the pic.


Karen Blados said...

The thing that I think of every year is what we used to (lovingly) call "Grandma's Christmas Amoeba". She drove from Toledo to Dayton – a three hour cruise - with a cranberry gelatin mold in the trunk. She brought it every year because my brother and father just loved it. My brother and father ate it every year because she brought it. Anyway, by the time it reached the table, it had melted and spread all over the tray, hence the amoeba title. I don't remember a lot of gifts, but when I sit down to dinner I smile and think of her.

honey said...

i LOVED your stories, karen. first boyfriend really made me did the brother and the gift wrap.

my story is always the same. 34 years ago on christmas, my son, matthew, our first jewish son, was born, and he was also cleveland's first christmas baby. he made the local news. i weighed about 400 pounds post-delivery, and tappy phillips came to interview me moments after matthew arrived to ask "how i felt." tappy was trim, toned, and wondering how I felt?
i felt happy. still do. merry matthew day and happy christmas to you!

John Jesberger said...

Rock Climbing equipment from mom and dad. I sucked at it but I wanted to try it so bad. It was a blast.