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Monday, November 12, 2012


Left the sketchbook at home Friday night. Had to draw on the jazz orchestra program book. But still. Had to draw nonetheless. Improvisation is the common language of jazz and sketching. The best part of improv is like the best part of that family vacation you still remember -- the one where you got just-lost-enough, but not so lost as to mess up the whole trip. The best part of sketching (separate from illustration) is its in-the-momentness, the possibility of being surprised, even pleasantly so, by what shows up from the end of your hand. Happiness and joy.


valorie grace hallinan said...

And you can say the same for writing (or many other arts, I suppose).

john.p said...

I'm glad you didn't give up because you didn't have the standard tools at the moment. I love sketching at music events, too.