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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Circling Back

Years ago, before art school was a twinkling in my eye, I took a continuing ed class with the wonderful Lou Grasso, during which we had an assignment to illustrate Red Ridinghood. The picture second from the top has appeared on this blog at least once, and maybe more, because I ended up liking a lot about it. There were things that went (perhaps accidentally) right, especially the girl's expression.

Last night I was playing in my sketchbook and thinking about fairytales and I started to wonder what I'd do with the same general idea if I were to execute it six years after the first. The image at top is the one in my sketchbook. (Sidebar on sketchbook: It's the beautiful leather one I got at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this year, but alas it was gotten — TWICE! — by Roscoe, and has been slightly damaged. Grrr.)

Anyway, I might mess around a bit more with different scenes from the story, or I might take the new sketchbook image and develop it into a new finished illustration. We'll see.

The idea of circling back to an earlier project can be liberating when you don't have other ideas, or just something to do out of curiosity. Who were you when you drew that thing the first time? Who are you now?

1 comment:

honey said...

i don't draw. i take pictures.

who was i the first time? 13 or 14 with a brownie starflash. subconsciously making pictures of everything and everyone around me that i wanted to keep. forever.

i am still doing the same thing! only "forever" has a different meaning.