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Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Problem

In the night, when I couldn't sleep, I opened my book and picked up a pencil without a thought about where the pencil would go.

It did not go to the big question mark of the future.

It did not go to taking K back to college, or to one less person in the house.

It did not go to worst tasks on the to-do list.

It did not go to unanswered letters.

It did not go to the giant scales that weigh and re-weigh and tally one's value in the world.

It did not go to the bathroom scale.

It went to this place and to this horse. The horse seemed to make things especially nice, so I thanked him.

He said it was no problem.


Don West said...

Drawing is good for s isn't it? :-)

honey said...

horses in your hand with your pen are very smart.

buffalo said...

As a closet (until now) Shrek fan, I saw your horse and heard Eddie Murphy's voice. Honest. There's magic in your work.