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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A Retread — Just Because

I'll admit it. Sometimes I'm in love with my own drawings. Art school also taught me to be in-hate with my own drawings. This has its uses. You sketchpeople understand this. Being in love with your work doesn't help you get better, though it's kind of mentally healthy, I think.

Back to love. This image, posted here in another form a couple years ago, warms the cockles of my ventricles because it's a representation of Flatso, the stuffed bear that has belonged to my younger daughter since she was 6 months old. And the little girl throwing herself on Flatso is, of course, that girl, at about age 3, when she was deliciously, irresistibly cuddly. When I see this image, even though I rendered it, I melt. Sue me.


Clare said...

Adorable. Glorious works of art come out of all of us now and again, but it's the doodles and sketchbook pages like this that show our true love and happiness.

Don West said...

I like this a bunch. If you become a children's book illustrator, invest in a really good flack jacket, considering recent news events :-)