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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Cleveland Is Kinda Cool

A little poky here with the Parade the Circle page from last weekend, but I've been busy with Events Outside Of My Control.

But the point is that this year was the 23rd Parade the Circle event, in which Cleveland's University Circle comes alive with artful weirdness. It had been a long time since I'd been to the parade, but I was extra glad I went this year, because I'm adding it to my internal catalogue of things that are just really excellent about this city. And here's why:

See, I don't necessarily love a parade. I've heard it said that some do, and I respect that. But they're often too filled with military precision for my taste. (Sidebar: thumb's up on the Macy's TG Day Parade.)

But the reason Parade the Circle is cool is that the people IN the parade are just folks who have spent a few days or a few weeks coming up with outlandish, and sometimes beautiful, artful and chaotic costumes and floats. It all reminds me of how we made art when we were kids — playfully. There's a noticeable abundance of exuberance and a noticeable absence of slickness.

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Meagan said...

I LOVED the flamingo cowboys. That's about when we let (I have a 1 year old) but I'm glad we caught the flamingo cowboys first.