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Monday, June 18, 2012

Drawing as Religious Experience

Maybe God was the first illustrator. Maybe he needed illustration to get his ideas across. Maybe it went like this:

God is sitting around talking to one of His angels, waxing enthusiastic about His plans to populate Earth.

"And then I'll make animals," He tells the angel. "What's an animal?" the angel asks.

"It'll be a little like a person," God replies. "Body, neck, head, limbs. Here, I'll show you." God grabs pencil and paper and draws a gorilla. He shows it to the angel, who says, "So animals will be hairy, wide-bodied humans with hands and feet."

"Yes, some of them. Except for these," God says. He scribbles on the paper for a moment, then holds up a drawing of an elephant. (It's a very fine drawing, done half with His left hand and half with His right.)

"Huhn," says the angel. "So animals will be big, hairy and wide-bodied, but some will have giant ears and frightening noses instead of hands."

God looks at the elephant drawing. "You really thinking the nose is scary?" Then, without waiting for the angel's answer, God draws a cat.

"What's that?" the angel asks.

"An ANIMAL," God tells him, with the tiniest bit of derision, because after all, what does the angel think they've been talking about?

"Ohhh-kayyy," the angel says. "So animals will be big, hairy and have hands and terrifying noses, except for the ones with small heads and striped fur."

"Exactly!" says God. Then He hunches over his paper and draws a giraffe.

"I give up," says the angel.

"And now for the birds ..." God says.


The Collage Experience said...

This is one of my faves!!!

Nin Andrews said...

You are just so talented! I love this.

Heather said...

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