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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sshhhh! I'm Trying to Draw — Er, Hear!

Live musical performances are, for the most part, much more enjoyable for me if I can draw while I listen. Possible exceptions to the rule: David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and other highly visual performers, whose every move I'd want to watch. But when it's just guys and gals playing instruments or singing, well ... my eyes need an assignment. So I draw when I can. Such was the case Saturday night at the final performance of the season for the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, which would've been completely enjoyable except for the young woman and her date seated next to me. They talked through the entire first half of the show. Over the music. Mostly, she was the loudmouth, but he responded to her incessant questions and comments. She shut up only long enough to take her phone out of her purse every 30 seconds and check email and second text-messages. Somehow she failed to notice that, unlike at rock concerts, where people regularly (and still infuriatingly, if you ask me) carry on loud conversations, everyone else in the Ohio Theatre was actually listening to the music. I fumed silently. Why? Because I reasoned that a person who is rude enough to do this is also rude enough to ignore a polite request to shush up. I reasoned that any request on my part would mean only that the hostility that I held alone would simply be doubled, and she would continue to talk and to read her texts. At intermission, we moved. Though we heard from seatmates that eventually she was asked to put away her phone, and that the two of them left midway through the second half. All of which is to say that it's amazing the whimsical bird on this page does not look angrier. What do you do in situations like this? What should I have done?


honey said...

i love the drawing.

i felt your pain in the prose.

this has happened to me in too many movies. actually, EVERY movie i have seen this past year.

a friend told me that etiquette was always too hard to spell and is "over." waaaaaa.

Don West said...

In this day and age you fight fire with fire.
"I would have sat up and said to my surrounding seat mates...hey everyone, Isn't this conversation just magnificent?! And the way she handles that cell phone is masterful! And you sir, the sidekick, you two should be on stage, doesn't everyone agree?! It's just great how our socieity has brought forth two such wonderful, audience disturbing talents as you two. Tell us, do you earn a lot of money with your annoying, rude talents? Or do you do it on a volunteer basis?"

All with a genteel Southern Gentleman's accent and sincerity that will either embarrass the hell out of them or make them move.

Don West said...

The drawings are very nice by the! Sorry I got carried away by the absurdity of the young couple :-)
I particularly like the bear.