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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did Rembrandt Have a Cat (and Other Pressing Questions)

Having seen "Rembrandt in America," an exhibition from American collections, I have Rembrandt and art and mastery and non-mastery on the brain. There is so much to be struck by in the beauty of these portraits, and so much to notice. And (but?) like watching the Mozart biopic "Amadeus," which got me stuck on the existential tragedy of being Salieri (or so it would seem tragic), this exhibition has fixated me a bit on all the other artists who worked in R's time, in his studio, and whose fate -- despite a lifetime of dedication to their art -- is to now be dismissed with words such as "merely competent" in the show catalogue.


Don West said...

Feeling spunky today ain't cha? Lol! Great post! Good to see that special wit you have picking a bit at ol' Remmy.
As for merely competent, somebody has to be merely competent I suppose or the collectors would have nothing special to collect and talk about at parties.

I wonder what they will be saying about us 300 years or so from now? Merely foolish in my case lol!

Karen Sandstrom said...

Well, Don, there's a place for the foolish here in planet Earth, just as there is a place for the divine. Of course, if we're lucky, we find those qualities in the same people every now and then.

honey said...

i am late to this party but nonetheless not late to the "foolish" table. i hope for beats so much else sometimes.

as always, i love your thoughts and your drawings. your sketchbook is one of my favorite books.