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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where Cometh the She-Robot

Maybe this is interesting. Almost three years ago, I posted this image from my sketchbook. I had entertained myself, and was intrigued by the result. About a month after that, I turned the sketch into a school assignment and this is what it looked like. I took it to a critique session and saw its potential and its flaws. I promised myself I'd go back and "fix" it, but never did, mostly because I got busy with other assignments. On the brink of graduation from art school, I decided that was one job I could'nt leave unfinished. So the image at the top of the page is what I would say is my "final" version of the She-Robot, except ... Who's to say what's final? Funny thing: I hadn't looked at the original sketch in a long time. As I do today, I see things I liked that got lost on the way to a more finished piece of art. But here's what has always been so satisfying about artistic endeavors, including writing. It's the great mystery: One day, there's nothing there. The next day, you're fiddling about with a piece of paper, or an open Word document, and something arrives from ... somewhere. And then it grows. And when it grows into something good, we can pat ourselves on the back for being creative geniuses, I guess, but that's not completely honest. We know in our hearts that whatever it is, it has arrived because of collaboration with some mysterious source that mostly hides and winks at us from behind a closet door.

Friday, April 13, 2012

In Mere Weeks ...

In mere weeks I will, like Albert Brooks, be defending my life. Or at least my art-school thesis project. You've seen pieces of it here and can see them again if you follow tags for Thick Through the Middle.

My thesis consists of three chapters of what will be about a 10-chapter illustrated memoir. Those three are done now -- well, all but the tweaking, which I seem unable to stop doing -- and I'll present that as an appetizer in book form during the Cleveland Institute of Art's BFA party and exhibition. I think I'm excited, but actually my head is spinning with end-of-year punch list stuff.

On the punch list was a plan to make up some bookmarks at the show. Bookmarks like the ones above, and like these.

What's with the hand-written text, you might wonder? Do those art-school people not teach you how to use the font button on your computer, Karen?

Well, they do, but the book itself is virtually all hand-written. It's "part of the aesthetic" as we visualistas like to say.

More to come ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Joy of Revision

Perhaps you remember this guy. Or perhaps not -- it's been a while since he was debuted, so to speak. Anyway, my friend Diane liked him and printed him out and made a gift tag out of him and put it on a Christmas gift as a vote of confidence for my graphic owl.

Soooo ... I remade him in digital form for use on my new biz cards. This is what he looks like now: