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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It

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So you're wondering where the heck I've been, and the answer is "DOING THIS."
With something like nine weeks left in my final semester at school, I'm trying to get my thesis project in shape and doing little else. Rather neglecting my sketchbook, I admit.

The project, as I might have mentioned, is a book called "Thick Through the Middle." It's a memoir about struggling with food, fat and self-image. I thought I'd toss up a page from the prologue to give you a little taste. This page is virtually done except for some tweaking of the color. It's one of the few in the book that stands alone and doesn't need much in terms of contextualization.

Anyway, sorry to be such a dull blogger lately. I'll do what I can to spice things up and keep you stopping in.

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Nin Andrews said...

I can't wait to read your final project, Karen! And I love this comic.

I have a fat comic about airplanes on my blog this week. It may be insensitive, but it's true . . .

I never know what to think when they start rearranging the fatter people on a small plane to balance the thing. What if they go to the bathroom? I asked my physicist husband. I also wonder . . . about a plane that crashed years ago from too much cargo. It went up but could not stay up. How . . . ?
My son suggested they ate all those airplane snacks.