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Sunday, January 01, 2012

I finally decided to bind my own sketchbook, which allowed me to choose the paper I wanted and put it in a book featuring the page size and orientation that I want. It also opens up flat, thanks to the kind of binding I sewed, so I can toggle between single-page entries and two-page spreads.

Creating a title page for your sketchbook is a good way to get past the intimidation factor of that first virgin page. There's something about the givens of a title page — it needs text, for instance — that make it approachable.

This is today's real journal entry.

This is from the spur-of-the-moment sketchcrawl at the mall. Little tired of drawing at the mall, but the company was good.

Happy New Year!
You've seen me use this day as a place to publish my intentions for the year — though I don't do anything as hard and fast as resolutions.
This year I'm skipping that. I know my intentions well enough, deeply enough, that I need not write them down. I intend to graduate art school. I intend to get a diploma and finish my thesis project, forging it into final book form. I intend to figure out a way to earn some money.

But I also intend to perhaps bring the other part of myself — the part that has spent a lifetime working out the Food & Body Thing — onto these pages. This is why I drew a running shoe today. I didn't just start running. I started running a long time ago. Then I stopped. Then started. Then stopped. I tried to be a runner and felt I was too slow. I tried to be a non-runner and found I needed to move, and that exercise had to be cheap, simple and something I could do anywhere, which meant I was back to running.

Earlier in fall, I picked it up again, and Katy and I spent Thanksgiving morning participating in the very fun Cleveland Turkey Trot 5-miler. There is little chance you will see me writing about training for a marathon here, because after all we have established that I'm not a runner.

Still, as someone who is also not a non-runner, you may see me write about running. And about food. And about body image. And, therefore, about lower-case feminism. And about my book, "Thick Through the Middle," which you'll read more on later.

That's it. I have a new sketchbook, which pleases me because it's finally something that really fits my needs. I have a newishly regenerated running habit, which also fits. I'm wearing a pair of jeans that fit me, and, perhaps like you, I'm trying to make it all fit — all of it. I'm going for less anxiety, less wishing-to-be-a-changed-person and more aiming-to-be-comfortable-in-my-own-skin.

Oh, and also ... If you have intentions, or thoughts about moving in a certain direction, I'd love to read about them.

So I guess I wrote my intentions after all. Well, it is January 1, and I cannot help myself. I cannot even try.


honey said...

besides being thick through the middle i am a runner who is not a runner. i am so slow that i think walkers could pass me, but about 20 years ago, i stopped caring about my pace and focused on stamina, feeling good, and finishing. it helped to be realistic.

i can't draw, but if i could, i would sketch my shoes, my medals, my shirts, and my smile.

but, this isn't really supposed to be about me. this is about how your writing and your drawings inspire, entertain, amuse, and stimulate. they do.

i am glad i met you and that you draw, write, and make books.

Karen Blados said...

My middle's not too thick, but the behind keeps spreading. Therefore, I think I'm a non-runner considering becoming a runner-in-training for a 5K. And I'd like to learn how to bind my own sketchbook because I'm getting tired of trying to find the perfect book only to have them be close, but not quite.

Thank you for continuing to share your sketches and words. I don't comment enough, but I always make time to visit.

Don West said...

Mark Twain put it best...

"Everytime I feel the urge to exercise, I sit down until it goes away."

Susan Garner said...

So, did you already finish working with your sketch book? Well, from the looks of it, everything went well! It would certainly be a good idea to stick you thesis topic into it. That way, you can always look at it and just be proud of yourself for completing it.