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Thursday, January 05, 2012

As always, you can read the text more easily if you click on the image.

Months back I bought a copy of "E.B. White and the Story of Charlotte's Web," and have been slowly working my way through its pages. It's a sweet, kind of standard biographical treatment of the guy who gave us the first book I remember crying over.

Talent disparities aside, I feel a kinship toward people like White and Beatrix Potter, who brought to life animal characters with the sensitivity and humor of those who carefully observe nature. The issue of anthropomorphism, which arises in the White biography, really just doesn't bother me. I think it's a profoundly human and often helpful thing to think in this way as long as you don't get carried away. I also believe that people can hold two positions at once: "animals are just like people" and "except in the ways that they're not."

OK, so but sketchwise: On the left is my little caricature of sweet Pearlie, which I accomplished mostly with ballpoint pen. I like how the pen behaved on this paper.

On the right, I went back to a Micron because my ballpoint was getting sleepy.

And: I am so in love with my handmade sketchbook that I have been actually doing at least a page or spread per day. This makes me wonder: What are your fetish objects? (Only the clean ones, please.)

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Karen Blados said...

My sketchbook definitely. I've been having a hard time since the paper in the hand book journals changed -- It was almost like my best friend died, which sounds extremely melodramatic, but there it is. I just got a new sketchbook -- a Fabriano Venezia Book -- in the mail and I'm afraid to open it. What if I'm disappointed again? Sigh. It's tough being neurotic.

I think I'll go indulge my other fetish and have a cup of tea while I work up the guts to crack open the book.