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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh, Hell: Gouache

I love gouache, but -- like onions and yoga -- gouache doesn't like me.

Many artists through the ages have used this opaque watercolor to terrific effect. One of my favorites is Maira Kalman, whose quirkilicious illustrations you've seen on the cover of the New Yorker and, perhaps, in her own books.

Ditto for Roz at RozWoundUp, who is super-duper at birds and dogs in gouache.

Well, so I play occasionally, and try to get into the groove of opaque media (my brain does transparent more better). And when it doesn't quite work out, I just put notes to myself over the sketchbook page.

But I will not be defeated! More gouache to come, for sure.


honey said...

not being defeated is what it's all about, and i am a fan of your illustrations, your honesty about the process, and your determination.

it is always a pleasure to stop by your blog.

Susan said...

I agree with Honey. I enjoy your blog as well. I think you captured the essence of Roscoe even if you think the medium was giving you problems!

Nin Andrews said...

I am not sure what gouache is, but the dog is great. I am reminded by your comments of when I was a girl and would water color next to my dad and there would be this brown puddle on my page, a meadow on his.

Crystal Cook said...

It is tricky to go from transparent to opaque isn't it? My brain works like that too. But this is beautiful, such a great expression in the dog's eyes. :)

will said...

Hi there. Just came across your blog today. Added to my reader.
I'm a fan of gouache myself - but like you I do handle transparent better. <3 layers :P