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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Re-runs


Been working on a number of things not yet ready for sharage, so I decided to take a cue from the television world and offer up a re-run.

This here's called "Last Days of the Bourgeois Pigdogs" and I sold the original at a fund-raiser a couple years ago. Regrets. I always felt I knew my pigdogs better than anyone else could know them, and that also the piano-playing duck had an important backstory. Now I worry that they're all stuck in some guy's garage, being not merely misunderstood but completely silenced.

Now I'd like access to the part of my brain that produced this, but I believe the roads have been closed because of construction in another part of the city, so to speak. That's all right. This is a reminder that even if I amuse no one else, I entertain my own strange self.

1 comment:

Nin Andrews said...

These pig dogs are great! I think we need to bring them back for a series!
I know what you mean about road closings, but I have this feeling that they open of their own accord.
I have a bad habit of working on one thing and jumping to another, so I have developed the idea of working on a lazy suzan.
And it does help . . .
The trouble is my office is a mess!