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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Handmade Book (class)


The latest project in my handmade book class (perhaps you'll remember the first one, which I posted about here) is a collaborative effort. Each of 10 students in our class, plus the teacher, created a two-page spread inspired by the theme of "distance."

Each two-page spread had to be replicated through a printing process of the individual artist's choice. Then each of us created enough prints of our spread so that everyone could bind their own book containing a spread from everyone. Get it? It's really simple, actually, but my articulation makes it sound complicated.

Today we bound the pages. Thus, I now have an entire book. The images are all wonderful -- and so different. The one here is, probably obviously, mine. (You can decide whether it's wonderful. It's a little chilly, that's for sure.)

I thought about scanning the others but it seemed like stealing to put them on this blog, so I'll just have to describe. Most weren't as illustrative as this; many were abstract. There was some photo montage as with my classmate Lucy's spread depicting trains from her many travels.

Adam M. recently set out on a Sunday afternoon walk -- well, OK, it took him like 7 hours -- of what I'm estimating was maybe 22 miles. His spread was a really cool gel transfer of a photo he shot when he was rewarded by a beautiful vista.

Lisa, a runner, inked up her running shoes, ran across craft paper laid out on the floor, then scanned her footprints and shrunk them down to itty-bitty images on the page. Amber laid out letters and images from her upbringing, when her military father bridged the distance between himself and his family with short, sweet letters.

And on and on.

Collaboration is almost always a good thing. I feel like I've spent a lot of my life resisting group activities -- perhaps wanting to rise or fall on my own, in a very ego-centric way. But part of what I love about this book is the same thing that I loved about the pain book: it tells a lot of stories at once. Also, while I have what is probably a brief relationship with most of the people in this class, it's material proof of a moment in time when we did this cool thing together.

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Nin Andrews said...

Oh, I would love to see it! And I love the picture here. But I guess that's always the case.