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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Food Around Which I Cannot Be Trusted


1. Pepperidge Farm Layer Cake.
2. Candy Corn
3. Peanut Butter
4. Candy Corn
5. Brownies
6. Chef Boyardee Ravioli
7. Cookies of Any Kind. Any Kind.
8. Candy Corn

What, you were looking for 10? This is an honest list, and it amounts only to 8. (Depending on how you're counting, of course ...)

So what's your list, anyway?

Happy Halloween, boys and girls.


Kelsey said...

Anything chocolate or anything with icing. We keep nothing of the sort in our house.

Karen Sandstrom said...

I totally understand, Kelsey.
One of my grandmothers -- not even the one who was actually a good cook -- used to whip up brownies with this special kind of frosting that almost looked like what's on German chocolate cake. For me, the very idea is almost obscene in its allure.

Babe said...

Any kind.
chocolate candy. Almost any.
ice cream (not butter pecan)
almond m&m's

GoingVeggie said...

Am I the only carb fiend? Luckily, whole grains count and so it appears healthier until you realize that portion control flies out the window! Rice: wehani, japonica, brown rice with truffle oil; Pasta: any mac'n'cheese variety; Kasha: I love buckwheat! Bread: almost ANY fresh-baked bread right from the oven. I don't think I've had a piece of Halloween candy in years. Pass the potatoes! Nom!Nom!

Kay said...

oh yeah...lets see..any good whole grain and or homemade bread. Lindt white chocolate and coconut, kitkats, good potato chips. chili cheese hotdogs,reisens chocolate,coffee with 1/2 n 1/2 and french vanilla, homemade mac n cheese...heck anything with calories..the better list would be the short list of what I don't like!!!!

Maureen said...

1. Totino's pizza rolls (combination only)
2. Ice Cubes (the chocolates that melt very quickly in your mouth)
3. Martin's potato chips (luckily, I can only get these in PA)
4. Long John Silver's fish (luckily, there is none witin a reasonable drive of me)

Nin Andrews said...

I refuse to be without cookies . . . and they have to be just right.
And black chocolate, the darkest of the dark.
And nuts. (As long as they aren't pecans.
I can do without those. )
I have driven to the store in a snow storm for these things.
I can see it written on my grave, the woman was searching for the kind of love she could trust . . . a little salt and a little sugar and well,
a lot of fat . . . though I prefer to call it something
like "the good kind of fat"
whatever that means . . .

Barbara said...

I would have said Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake. - Barbara

john.p said...

Oh, candy corn! That's one I can't be trusted with. Nice touch with the crow giving it out.