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Saturday, October 22, 2011


So the senior project is, as you might've gathered, a book. I did a version of it a few years ago that was not ready for prime time, and am now aiming to create a prime time version. I have written and rewritten, and gone through the lengthy and lurching start-up process, where one can get overwhelmed by the many initial decisions that must be made before taking the thing forward: What size? Black and white or color? Hand-written text, designer font? Panel layouts or free-form? The questions are far more numerous than that and I have answered them mostly to my satisfaction.

One of the cool things, though, is that as much as the logic-brain wants these questions answered, there's still room for new decisions that come out of the process of making the thing. This is especially true if one is the author and the illustrator. The author creates the story that the illustrator then interprets, but in this case the illustrator can give a few orders back to the author.

I don't mean to be coy here, and to not tell you exactly what today's sketchbook image has to do with all of that. The point is that yesterday, while I was on a long drive, I had a eureka moment (smallish eureka moment, hence the lower-case "e"), and it led me in a couple of directions. One of them was to the Squonk.

Those of you from the Classic Rock era will be aware that the Squonk shows up in two, count 'em TWO -- rock songs from the 70s. One was in the self-titled song by Genesis on "Trick of the Tail." The other was in the very fine "Any Major Dude" by Steely Dan.

That's all for now.


pengo said...

Not flesh nor fish nor bone. Love the drawing.

Nin Andrews said...

I love the squonk!

GoingVeggie said...

I love it! Part animal, part vegetable, the Squonk does appear to be a lovable character. Keep us posted on the progress!