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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Is This "Real World" You Speak Of?

If I had one suggestion for the Cleveland Institute of Art, it would be to expand its expectations and attitudes regarding the so-called "non-traditional" student. Art college could be a viable second act for more mid-career folks than currently take advantage of it. On the other hand, the setup of the school -- no night classes to speak of, no weekends or summer scheduling to speak of -- make it tough for anyone who wants a transitional experience. It's rather an in-for-a-penny place.

That has all worked out for me pretty well, and for a tiny handful of other middle-agers. But there's one kind of funny thing several of us are involved now: the mandatory Business and Professional Practices class. It's actually a quite well-designed class aimed at getting the heads of students who will soon graduate into the world beyond art school.

So ... what about those of us who have spent more than half our lives in the alleged real world? Well, I would hasten to add that none of us has yet lived life as a working artist. In other words, it's certainly not the case that we know it all.

On the other hand -- well, you can read my sketchbook here if you like.

By the way, I was pleased with my little in-class drawings here. That's one of the teachers on the left, and a guest speaker on the right.


honey said...

i really like this drawing too. it just felt good. maybe, it was starting with a cupcake or the familiar flip-flop, but i noticed i never stopped smiling while reading the blog despite the subject matter being about real life.

it is nice when a visual can make me happy. real life doesn't always offer that up as easily as a well-drawn cupcake can.

Nin Andrews said...

I feel as if I am in class with you. Only I would only be thinking of the cupcake . . .