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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Flutter By

Click on the picture to read the text.

A mere 6 days ago, we were getting a late-summer blast of heat and sunshine and the monarchs dallied a bit before their big autumn migration. Today it's cool and cloudy and feels very autumnal indeed. It'll be another year before we see big swarms of butterflies.

I scanned this so you could see the chunky loveliness of the inside of the fantastic leather-bound sketchbook I got this year at the Ann Arbor art fair. The paper is made in India. The leather tie can be wrapped different ways to close the book. There's actually a video on the bookbinder's website that shows the fancy way to do it.

The book now has our Cape Cod trip in it, as well as the little watercolor portrait of my classmate Kelsey.

Here's a photo I shot right after I bought it:


honey said...

my owl says that "hello" is indeed what the butterfly was saying.

Nin Andrews said...

This is just gorgeous. I am in love with this picture.