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Sunday, August 28, 2011

And So It Begins ...

Of all the strangeness that has surrounded me since I left my newspaper job to go to art school at the end of 2008, this time seems the strangest.

Tomorrow begins my (don't laugh) senior year. That means it's also the beginning of the end of this weird, sweet interlude that I've been very lucky to enjoy. And it's the start of the earnest reworking of a project done in half-baked form a few years ago, which I am reviving for my bachelor of fine arts project. All seniors have one; mine is a book.

So anyway, I've gotten to a bit of boot-shivering, because there'll be lots of work, some of which, if watching previous students is any guide, will likely drive me to distraction. This would be a good year to be more confident. I'll see what I can do about that.

Stay with me, will you? I don't know how much blog-posting there'll be, but I promise to check in from time to time if you do.


seawolff said...

I will stay with you, Karen. It'll be great for you to express your best self and get through this. I'm there all the way.

David McCann said...

This is great stuff - Congratulations! Almost there! What a lesson about life - channeling your creative energies into something so spectacular!

Dancing Carrot 2 said...

Although I understand the idea of confidence, not knowing is really what we all have going on, though humility in starting something new is the window next to the door way. Good luck and way to go!