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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Meet Maurice, the Italian greyhound who captured the hearts of our friends Ivan and Sarah. Like you, I have met Maurice only in a virtual sense, and still his winsome nature comes through.

Ivan and Sarah adopted Maurice many months gone by now. Since then, we adopted our sweet Roscoe. Well, OK -- he's sweet and a little vicious. Or perhaps sweet to us and guard-dog-like with anyone he perceives as threatening us. We're WORKING ON IT, OK?

Anyway, unlike the wonderful Pearl, who in her all-blackness is at best a drawing challenge, Roscoe has a wider range of tonal values and therefore is more fun to draw. Though it should be said right here and forever more that Pearl is The Best Dog, and will forevermore be The Best Dog, except for another dog who also was the Best Dog.

Which brings us back to Maurice, whose nickname is Momo. That's right, you read correctly. And Momo was also the nickname of our sweet and most-dear Ramona (please don't cry when you read this post).

Anyway, all this is just an excuse to say that while I will probably never capture dog energy like Roz, I do love to draw them. I used to draw Momo all the time. I draw Pearl less, and now, with Roscoe, I find that I want to draw all kinds of dogs. I have started to stalk my Facebook friends' photo albums for pictures of their dogs.

All right, but now it's time to get back to work. Have a pleasant Sunday, will you? With that I like your face.


Dancing Carrot 2 said...

A really good likeness and captures that wonderful dog spirit. My sister in TX has had two of these Iggys. Thank you!

Don West said...

The gangster of love...