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Monday, July 04, 2011

A Funny Thing One and Two

The zone that one gets into, when one is a sketching sort, tends to seal in memories of whatever was going on during the drawing session.

For instance, during the drawing of the table and chairs and umbrella above, I found out that someone who had borrowed my camera inadvertantly erased a bunch of photos I hadn't downloaded yet. This caused a temporary cessation of drawing, in order for the taking-it-all-in process to take hold. Then I went back to my book, and kind of stopped caring about the erased pictures. But I know that when I look at that spread in a year, I will remember the lost pictures.

As for the page of sketches from the nail salon, I should say that they were done quickly at the salon, but I added extra ink and writing at home, "later that same day," as the saying goes. While I was filling in the page, I was also watching an hourlong nature show about mountain gorillas, which will be forever seared in my brain. In a good way. I probably should've stopped finishing my page and started drawing gorillas, but I didn't.

Anyway, this is one reason that making a drawing is a better way to savor vacation -- or any other special event, or just life in general -- than taking a photo. I am nowhere near the first one to point this out, but it's worth remembering.

Happy Fourth of July, by the way.


Maureen said...

I know exactly what you're saying. Everytime I look at my piece that has the Capitol building and the ears of corn, I think of Hairspray. It was on the background while I was working on it, and I stood at my drawing table and bopped along to the music.

Peter Bangs said...

Well worth saying again and again. Just looking at a sketch I did of my son feeding chickens and that brought back memories of him hiding from a rather furious chicken he disturbed when he threw food at it while it was roosting. Didn't know at the time whether to laugh or cry and looking back I have to laugh now.