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Saturday, June 04, 2011

North Chagrin Again

Last weekend I visited my childhood stomping grounds at Huntington Beach for the latest installment of Sketchbook Cleveland at the wonderful online magazine OhioAuthority.
Anyway, I planned another nature hunt/sketch visit right away, and this one took me to my all-time-favorite east side park, North Chagrin Reservation. The place is one big drink of peacefulness, but in an ever-changing way. My time there earned me a wicked sunburn, but I'd say I was rewarded well enough.


Peter Bangs said...

North Chagrin? What a wonderful name. Lovely sketches too. It's fascinating following so many sketch and drawing bogs and seeing so many wonderful places through the eyes of such wonderful artists. Kinda sad I'll never get to visit the vast majority of them though.

Kate said...

beautiful pages