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Friday, May 13, 2011

Geauga County

The call of the countryside probably wouldn't strike if I'd grown up in Manhattan or L.A. Geography shapes us. It made me -- alas? -- a suburbanite. But it put me close enough to horse barns and village squares to implant a yearning for them.

Yesterday I headed out in the car, thinking to draw and maybe find myself an old typewriter at an antiques store. I need one for a project. Didn't find it, but I found other things, including two early 20th century photographic portraits. I bought them for a dollar so I could daydream and draw about who these people were.


honey said...

i love sunrise farm! you surely made me want to jump in the car.

Don West said...

Being a Suburbanite is a tween kind of thing isn't it? I was one too. Now I'm not sure what I am lol! Countrurbanite I guess. Love the shadows behind these folk...and the way you handled the necklace. Great idea!

Karen Sandstrom said...

Don -- "countrurbanite" is a wonderful word. A lot of the folks who live out in what I call the country here are, sadly, countrubanites, too, since the family farm seems to be going the way of housing developments.