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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun With the Spread

Click on the image to take a closer look.

On the left you see what one of my kids astutely pointed out was a coloring-book page I created for myself. Lots of little Sharpie-drawn designs made vibrant with some of my Pitt brush pens.
On the right is a gouache-and-ink drawing of our new dog, Roscoe, which I made while he was nuzzled near me. He's a love. Cuddling is second only to eating on his list of favorite things.

I regret that this image of Roscoe doesn't do justice to his commanding cuteness, but I do not regret painting it. There will be many more Roscoe portraits to come, I'm sure. He's a funny little subject, because he can look like a bat (lying upside down, his ears go all pointy); and he can get a kind of mean, junkyard dog aspect to his face. And then he can look like the sweetest, most earnest creature you've ever met. Especially if he's begging.

If you are a sketchbook sort, I would encourage you to try making a spread like this where the connections between the two sides are not immediately evident. Actually, all I see right now are how these two pages are connected. I see Roscoe's personality in the cheeriness of my surface pattern and colors. And I see the busyness of the surface pattern in the way Roscoe approaches life. When I was finished with the spread, the first thing that occurred to me was, "What if the left page is how Roscoe dreams?" Which is silly, but who knows?

And of course I designed the colors to have a little conversation back and forth.

Incidentally, close observers will notice that the "spread" doesn't really look organically connected here. That's because I had to scan the pages separately to accommodate the size of my book. But I tiled them back together because I wanted you to have the "spread" experience.


Gina G. said...

Karen, that is gorgeous. Love the colors and the sleeping pup nice combination.

Don West said...

Roscoe looks like a sweet boy :-)