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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Drawn & Quartered III

At top left: The lovely Cat Lady model, whose real name I confess I do not know, strikes a pose at Wall Eye Gallery. Top right: My portrait of her from the "long pose" event. In the middle: My dear Kate, left, and the organizational guru of D&Q, Deb Steytler, trying to bring festivities under order. Note the cool art by D&Q participants in the background. Also note the name of one of the participating artist groups on the T-shirt of the human back in the foreground. At bottom: Some guy I don't know draws during one of the numerous short-pose events.

When I first heard of Drawn & Quartered, a night of competitive team drawing, I was aghast. This sounded like a horrible intrusion of (eek! gasp!) sports sensibilities into the hitherto sublime world of drawing, which I treasure like religion. Never would I be part of such a thing!

So then the Northern Ohio Illustrators Society was talking about this year's event, and I figured, oh, what the hell, and signed up as part of the NOIS drawing team.

NOIS didn't win, but I sure did have fun. The long pose event, in which I participated, lasted about 90 minutes, with a few 1 0-minute breaks thrown in for good measure. My drawing would seem not to reflect an investment of that amount of time, but I have to say it: I'm slow. There were folks who did pastel paintings, gorgeous water-media portraits of Cat Lady and giant things with Conte crayon or charcoal. Still, I was pleased with the likeness that I achieved while blocking out the truly raucous noise of the environs with head phones and embarrassing music from my iPod.

Also, while the prospect of being publicly judged for one's drawing (through the raising of paddles with numbers on them, a la the Olympics) sounded like one of my most horrifying nightmares come true, I must say the judges were full of of fun and largely kind.

So would I do it again? But of course!


Kristin Ohlson said...

I love your catlady!

Kay said...

wonderful..great model! Where in N. Ohio are you? I am from Akron, still have Mom and siblings there.

Deb said...

Dear Karen
So glad you came to see for yourself what a raucous event DnQ is and that it was fun for you. It was also hopefully entertaining and illuminating for the non-art bunch. Couldn't really do it without Michael Salinger.
And good seeing you in person!
Thank Katie for me-I just wanted Michael to have someone if he needed it but obviously he did fine on his own.
Until later

Karen Sandstrom said...

Kay - We're in Cleveland.

honey said...

a terrific reminder of trying new things even those things we think we might not like! LOVE your drawing and the smile you gave to your readers from this delightful post.