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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cute on Four

Whenever I go out to the raptor center to volunteer, I drive past a large alpaca farm where lots of woolly creatures graze and hang and beg me to stop and draw them. But I never do, because it's not my farm.

Last weekend I made time to hang out for a couple of hours at Lake FarmPark, a working farm where you can get up close to creatures and farm processes and begin to understand the great American family farm tradition. (Which, cynic that I am, I have to mention is of course evaporating rapidly.)

Anyway, I recently had been reading a couple of inspiring posts over at Roz Wound Up on the topic of direct sketching of animals. It gave me the yen to draw beasts in ink. Positive side effect: I got to cuddle with a month-old lamb, who sucked on my fingers and wagged her little tail and generally was so cute that I practically hid her under my coat and made off with her. But of course I didn't.

These drawings aren't particularly good or plentiful; it was really quite cold that day, and my fingers were freezing and I really just wanted to go inside and look at piglets. (Which I did, which you will see.) But we all need to do more direct observation drawing, don't we? We do!

Oh, and in case you were wondering ... that one alpaca on the left page there is not a poor three-legged creature. She's just a creature whose back right leg I forgot to draw.


Don West said...

I forget to draw things sometimes too...I hate it when that happens. Taking that lamb home would have been a ba-a-a-a-a-a-d idea. (sorry couldn't resist.)

honey said...

on a sunny sunday morning with some coffee and the anticipation of walking 30 blocks to see maira kalman's exhibition, there is no better way to begin the day than with you!

forgot a leg? sort of like being the photographer and not seeing the lampshade on top of uncle fred's head but only noticing his smile.

happens. i would only have seen the fun you had at lake farm park had you not pointed out the missing leg!

here's to 3-legged animals, uncle fred, maira, and your pen in your hand...

Kay said...

wonderful sketches in spite of the poor wee alpaca. I have determined to get to the zoo this year to see the new baby elephant..yes I want to take her home too..but Hubby would throw me out!!!!